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Habibganj railway station: 2nd subway to commence

Habibganj railway station: 2nd subway to commence

Habibganj railway station modification work is heading toward completion at full throttle. Exactly a month after the first subway at the station was thrown open for the public, the second subway is all set to open albeit partially.It will be fully operational from October 2. After that subway will be operational from both ends. Once both the subways are operational, the foot over-bridge (FoB) will be shut down. The second subway will connect platform number 4 & 5. Platform number 2 and 3 will be connected with the subway after a week.Both the subways at Habibganj railway station will have identical facilities. The length is same at 140m long and will be used to enter and exit platforms until the air concourse is constructed. Instead of the FoB, construction of a central air space concourse to take place. It will be an 84m x 36m structure equipped with a waiting room, sitting amenities and food stalls to avoid congestion on platforms. Passengers will use this to reach the platforms. There will be no mix-up of boarding and de-boarding passengers. Subways or underpasses are connected with platforms through an 84m ramp with a slope. Passengers leaving the station will use the ramps on the eastern and western wings of the building.


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